Comic (T/D/Ag)


“Jesus Nightmare”

Poor Jesus has no idea what’s in store for his name.

Nor does his poor mother.

And we’ve yet to see the end of it.

As for me, I’m changing things right here in my own heart.

I have some paintings, original Sophias, cartoons and prints available!

Man, gotta feel sorry for that guy :-/ He meant so well, but some fucking political assholes went and twisted his message. Peter wasn’t even a real apostle he was a political person who only later “became an apostle even if he logically, according to Jesus himself I guess, would be like “I never made him an apostle what’re you talking about? Peter was an idiot, Mary-my wife at the time, was my brightest student! Not that creep! Don’t you listen? No, no you don’t. This is why I hate all of you now. You all can go fuck yourselves.” (Jesus walks away pissed off and frustrated)

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Naked Pastor & Skeptical Avenger

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February 10, 2013 · 1:46 am

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