I guess even God had the final straw broken over his back when the pope actually supported the bloodshed of so many gay and lesbian couples.

Successor to Benedict Will Lead a Church at a Crossroads

A Statement Rocks Rome, Then Sends Shockwaves Around the World

In all due respect towards those who are in fact Catholic, especially any of those of Irish decent to whom I’m strongly bias-ly in favor of, but I can’t help but feel the need to go dance in the streets and have a huge ass world wide party! 😀

I just want to make a point…this was what the Pope had actually done and fully supported just earlier: (The slaughter of millions of gay and lesbians of an entire country)




Let me tell you what is happening in this picture, because you’d think the pope is just blessing a random believer. But no.
This picture was actually taken the day before yesterday and the Pope is blessing Rebecca Kadaga.

Rebecca Kadaga is a politician from Uganda. She promised to pass a anti-gay bill, also known and internationally condamned as ‘Kill The Gays’, which would punish homosexuality with death penalty. She’d like it to be a ‘Christmas present’ to her country. You can sign the petitions against the bill here and here.

But things got loud today, after the pope said that gay marriage “consists in an offense against human nature, a deep wound inflicted to justice and peace.”

This resulted in the very first collective reaction from Italians against the homophobia and pure, blinded hate spread by the church.

At the moment we’re trending #vergognasulpapa (shame on the pope) on Twitter and it is already the 4th top trend of the country.

They tell us Italy is a secular state, but it never acts like one.
Many people are really sick and tired, but just as many follow the church’s ‘example’.

Last month, Andrea, a 15 year old from Rome killed himself because bullies at school were making his life a living hell because they thought he was gay.
The Vatican website ‘pontifex’ (same name the pope uses for his Twitter account) wrote an article and suggested that Andrea ‘should have been cured’.

We still don’t even have a law against homophobia.

Please, join us! Use your own voice, spread the news, make a post, tweet #vergognasulpapa or write it in your own language…whatever you do, just don’t let this go unnoticed.

This is why I side with the Italian people with their utter doneness with the vatican and its edicts

The Pope had the opportunity to make a strong move here, still perhaps condemning homosexuality as sinful but saying that the murder or jailing of homosexuals is a far worse sin. How can a Catholic with an ounce of decency not condemn this man?

If you’re catholic with a soul of any form, please help rally against this. Not even your God would support such a thing as this. :-/

And I was right I guess, even God himself could not support this >:-/

I’ve always tried to be tolerant before, but at this point, I say fuck the Pope and all those who’d support something so horedius.

Also in the video, notice they do not bring up this blood stain on his garements >:-/

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