Story Entry: ERIN’S STORY (not mine) “Yet another reason I cannot be Catholic anymore.”

*Credit: Erin from Tumblr <<== Author

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I was raised in the Catholic Church. My mom was Catholic and my dad converted to Catholicism way before I was ever born. My mom went to Catholic school, as did I, and I was baptized and raised in Church. I went to church every Sunday (it was church day followed by cleaning day) and I started at Catholic school in Kindergarten (I stayed in Catholic school until the start of 9th grade). I received all of the sacraments until 8th grade, and I went to youth group. In my Catholic school, we went to Mass on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and let’s not forget about the optional adoration. In 9th grade (in public school), I continued with weekly mass, continued with youth group, did prolife club, and continued to exude Catholicism.

In short, I was pretty Catholic for a good chunk of my life.

If you met me now, you’d know me as an atheist/agnostic/anti-Christ (I’m deist). You’d know me as one of the most pro-choice, pro-gay, liberal motherfuckers in school.

Why the stark switch?

Because for years during crucial development, I was told being gay was a sin. I was told that what I thought of other girls meant that the devil was part of me and I was to resist thoughts that I had very little control over. I was told that it was unnatural, that marriage was for procreation, that gays could never marry and should never be allowed to have kids. I was told to love the sinner, but hate the sin.
But what if the two are one in the same? I like girls, and I always have, and it’s a part of me. I can’t turn off who I like (though trust me, with the looming threat of eternal flames and god hating me, I’ve tried). In fact, in a time of struggle (middle school sucks for everyone), I was told to hate another major part of myself, as if I needed yet another reason to declare myself awful.

And honestly, the pedophile scandals pretty much make my skin crawl. The sheer thought of pedophilia within the Church makes me almost have a panic attack. With my history, the last thing I need is a church that tells me to hate a part of myself (as if I needed any more help with self-loathing) or a church that hides pedophiles (I think pedophiles get off pretty easily already).

So if you’re wondering, no, I do not hate all Catholics, but no, I will never be Catholic again, and if that means going to hell, it’s better than suffering here on earth. Who needs heaven anyway?

Posted on February 15th at 9:17 PM

*Credit: Erin from Tumblr <<== Author


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4 responses to “Story Entry: ERIN’S STORY (not mine) “Yet another reason I cannot be Catholic anymore.”

  1. You seem to be looking at the cusp, that chasm… between faith and no faith. It’s hard to leave thoughts of a deity behind. It’s even harder to justify those thoughts of a deity. You don’t have to hate all believers to hate the religion they fall prey to. It’s okay to hate religion and what it does to the world and to admonish those that fall prey to it for not being more careful. Religion and those who find it useful are not beyond reproach or question. No idea is beyond ridicule, nor should they be.

  2. Your reasons for leaving the Catholic church are valid. It pains me to know the church I love and serve has treated so many people abysmally. You have been hurt by an institution that cannot seem to solve its own crises. I am so very sorry you feel alienated, not just from the Catholic church, but from God. God loves you just the way He made you. Please try to find your way back to Him — through the loving arms of Jesus who walked with the least, those who are seen as sinners by the world.

    I would also ask that you look at this blog: Richard is same-sex attracted and he is devoutly Catholic. He has, at times, struggled with the teachings of the Catholic church, has even left to try other churches, but has, ultimately, come home to the church he loves. Whether or not you ever return to the Catholic church, or any church, I do pray you return to knowing God and Christ. I believe Richard may be able to understand exactly what you are feeling.

    I have no answers for why my beloved church seems to turn its back on those who need its love the most. I have no answers for the reasons the Catholic church has such a huge problem with pedophilia. What I do know is that not all the people of the church believe being gay is a sin. What I do know is that not all priests are pedophiles. What I do know is that God loves each and every one of His children — just the way He made them.

    And, what I do know is that I, a Jesuit priest, love my gay nephew, unconditionally. He is a good person. He loves his neighbor as he loves himself. He, too, has struggled with the Catholic church, but is slowly finding his way home.

    I pray you are able to find peace and to feel God’s love for you.

    Fr. Michael

    • If you feel you’d like to contact the person and you have a tumblr account, you can fallow the link at the bottom. 🙂

      This isn’t my story, it’s of someone from Tumblr who agreed to share her story. I’m a Deist though myself, and I do very much love God & attend church.

      Also, it’s nice to see someone else proud of their Irish roots :-3

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