Update: Story Time!

Okay, so for all those following or just tuning in, I’d like to do something to help us to better understand each other and our ideologies and how we came to where we stand now. So I would like it if followers would take some time to write down and tell us their Ideological life’s journey, your stories will be posted/re-blogged  onto this blog for everyone to read and to better understand the view points of others and that we are indeed (more or less) all human and all have lives, parents, family, friends and other people who contribute to who and what we are.

So here’s the basics:

  • Write about your religious/ideological life journey.
  • Feel free to add pictures, links, whatever.
  • It will be posted for all to see & read.

If you are interested in doing this, please choose to “like” this or simply add your story in comments if you wish and I’ll copy/paste it into a Post with a link to your profile or just your name (that you’d like to use) if you’d like.

Good luck, have fun and happy sharing!


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3 responses to “Update: Story Time!

  1. This call out for stories of one’s ideological life’s journey has flooded my brain with so much material– I may just dedicate my entire blog (katiefindingway.wordpress.com) to this very subject. In an effort to summarize it so far, I fell back to my standby mode of operation: poetry.

    I began with the actual first prayer that I said every night before bed for many years, then used that format and changed it for each major religious influence I experienced in my life. I went to Catholic School for 13 years, learned to question it’s authority at a very early age, enjoyed learning about other religions in college, and found a special affinity for the buddhist philosophies including meditation, and I am currently floating through middle age with no religion in particular to offer my kids. But I am certainly not at a loss for beliefs. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

    New Prayer

    My mother taught me to pray:
    Dear Jesus,
    I love you
    Keep me safe from harm
    God bless all my family
    Make me a good girl

    The Church taught me to fear:
    Almighty Jesus, my Savior, who watches me always
    Who loves me, but hates my sins
    I must keep in line to earn safety from Hell
    God blesses all who follow His rules with Heaven
    I must confess when I have not been good
    In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen

    Human nature taught me to reason:
    I don’t really know this Jesus fellow, but
    I want to be loved, perhaps
    I must keep myself safe, although
    I will still seek out blessings, and
    I will try to be good

    Experience taught me to question:
    Is there a God? I have learned the names of many, but I can see none.
    How do we love? Good intentions are often confused.
    Where can we be safe? There is no place to hide from ourselves.
    Who is blessed? We have all been deceived.
    What is good? Without darkness, the light cannot be seen.
    Why do we say “Amen”? Language becomes meaningless.

    Meditation taught me to simply observe:
    There is greatness
    There is love
    There is safety
    There is blessing
    There is goodness

    I taught myself to write a new prayer:
    Dear One,
    When I love, you love
    Our Spirit cannot be harmed
    Everything is Blessed
    Good work is never done

    –Katie Paul

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