The Real Story of St Patrick’s Day

As you might of heard, St Patrick himself was never actually Irish. It’s true, he wasn’t. He was actually from England (or Wales?), so he might of actually been a Brit. So Sir St Patrick of England, as a teenager of 16, had been captured by the Irish and made into a slave. At the age of about 22 he escaped and went back to England, where he’d plotted and came back as a Bishop who would drive out the Pagans/Celtics (The original Irish) and converted everyone else in the country to Catholicism. – The word “Snake” you see doesn’t actually refer to the reptile-animal ‘snake’, it actually refers to Pagans/Celtics as “Snakes”, so St Patrick drove out the snakes, meaning he drove out those who enslaved him-the original Irish. (Celtic/pagan)

And the day of St Patrick’s Day, is actually the day that St Patrick died!
March 17th 460 AD

I love St Patrick’ Day – very very very much, it is awesome and this bit of history I learned I hope to share with everyone, (and I hope you do too) because I personally find it very interesting and ironic. I was very surprised, but it as they say, truth is often far more stranger (and curious!) than fiction.


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