Update: Appology to all Catholics followers & Info on upcoming article

I would like to apologize for all the negative new coverage that is going on right now and that as a blog the reports on these ideological issues, including religion, such as your own, I do feel it needs to be reported. I do hope in time the Vatican will be able to clean themselves up and this whole mess can be sorted out. Again, I apologize, especially for the reports coming in, I do hope you know it is not directed at you as a Catholic follower personally, it’s merely news being reported and posted.

In relation of this, I will be doing a report for an article I’ll be posting about the Church I go to myself, (though I am a Deist, I still appreciate the practices, the community, & to think about and honor God at least one a week-even if I do not believe in everything that is preached-  though often they do in fact have good lessons or morals-not homophobia of course, but things like, to be kind to others and that sort of thing- that I do agree with.) I’ll be featuring the one who usually gives the sermons, as well as a few others and taking pictures of the church. I do hope many of you who are not theists, will see that not all Theists are the monsters that some of them can seem to be, and that not all religious people are conservative.


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