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The entirety of this organization, is to promote the idea of accepting the ideologies of everyone, the four basics mentioned in the title – Atheist, Deist, Theist, & Agnostic, as outlined blow how to best understand what each one is and what you as an individual would fall under. We all know in today’s modern age that we aren’t all he same, that we have differences, from things that we are born with, such as hair color, eye color, to things we choose to be, for whatever reasons, such as political party or personal opinions. We have made some progress in accepting the skin color and race of other people, not alot, but we no longer have segregation in the United States, so that’s something, and we’ve made some gender progress, we women can actually vote in the United States. However we have yet to really tackle the problem people have with the different ideologies of each other. Even Atheists & Deists or Theists & Agnostics, we let our differences divide us, rather then us working together to try to forge a better future for ourselves, our children and future generations to come. This organization though, would rather encourage people to look past our differences and in fact work together, to raise issues they might have with one another in a civil¬†manner (non-violent).

So to put it simply, it is about different ideologies coming together towards a better future.



Nothing on this blog nor part of this organization is meant to offend anyone, nor any ideology.

If you are offended, I apologize. I mean only to post the truth and what is currently relevant, I do attempt to do my best to be unbiased. The entire purpose of ADTAg is to educate and encourage those of different Ideologies to get along and work together. This is not about taking away your right to be of your own religion. Religion would fall under the ideology of Theism, so for example if you are Christian, then you are accepted as well, we only ask you follow the rules set out for everyone-including yourself. This in no way means your rights are taken away.

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    do you take members, will youbecome organized

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