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If you can’t tell, today’s subject is homosexuality.

It’s relevant because certain ideologies make it so.

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Update: Fundraising!

Donate today!

Alright, so this would defantly be what’s considered a non-profit organization – however I need to do fundraising and start-up funds, of which I have very little to none. So anyway, for those who’d like to put something down as giving to charity for your taxes, donating towards a good cause.

Some things your donations would be going to help pay for:

Business cards

Office desk

Office supplies

A better blog theme

A website with an official domain name (

I would like at some point to buy or rent office space, or to buy a church in which I’ll be able to do things like offer help to the homeless, women in need of help (such as those who need to get to an abortion clinic), to teach healthy sex education, have free condoms available, fundraising to purchase or gather food for food pantries, clothes, toy-drives, supplies for those with children, help people to get jobs, put together resumes, just overall help the community in general, as well as educate, accept and teach people about different ideologies – such as get-togethers of people of different sorts sharing about their beliefs, and working on events.

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I’m back!

I’m back!.

via I’m back!.

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Update: Appology to all Catholics followers & Info on upcoming article

I would like to apologize for all the negative new coverage that is going on right now and that as a blog the reports on these ideological issues, including religion, such as your own, I do feel it needs to be reported. I do hope in time the Vatican will be able to clean themselves up and this whole mess can be sorted out. Again, I apologize, especially for the reports coming in, I do hope you know it is not directed at you as a Catholic follower personally, it’s merely news being reported and posted.

In relation of this, I will be doing a report for an article I’ll be posting about the Church I go to myself, (though I am a Deist, I still appreciate the practices, the community, & to think about and honor God at least one a week-even if I do not believe in everything that is preached-  though often they do in fact have good lessons or morals-not homophobia of course, but things like, to be kind to others and that sort of thing- that I do agree with.) I’ll be featuring the one who usually gives the sermons, as well as a few others and taking pictures of the church. I do hope many of you who are not theists, will see that not all Theists are the monsters that some of them can seem to be, and that not all religious people are conservative.

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Update: To my Theist friends…

I do apologize if much of the topics seem “anti-christian” I do not mean for that, unfortunately there is alot going on right now regarding your specific ideology at the moment and I must report on things related to any ideology. If I find news on Agnosticism, Deism, or anything else, I’ll be sure to post those, I also hope to hear some -good- news and things from your group as well. I am truly sad how a few bad eggs make the entire coop smell bad, so to speak. Again, I do apologize, I hope to find some nicer more peaceful news and I do pray that certain religious leaders will stop touching little children, do the right thing and we can get back to trying to get along.

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Update: Definitions

Added a new definition: Pantheism

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Update: Videos & Shops

You might of noticed that many of the videos on this blog and my other “Mary’s Silence” are ‘private’, this is very odd, I must say, I’ve checked it out and it’s true! It sort of worries me a bit, since that’s not something that TYT (The Young Turks) would do, on their own anyway. The reason it worries me, is the idea that perhaps youtube is censoring them! It is a scary thought, but I wouldn’t put it past them. I do hope though, that the videos will no longer be private soon enough and we can get back to gathering the information they have to provide us with.

Also, my new shop I’ve recently put up and have been working on. My latest addition is the addition of Sections, to make it easier to look through which items you’d like more easily. For some reason whenever you click to go there, to “” it takes you to a different address altogether “” I do not know why it does this, but I don’t know how I’m going to sell product if this keeps up. This upsetting me very much, but I just wanted to let you know do not be surprised if that bullshit happens, I’ve sent a ticket in asking about what’s going on and how to fix it. I hope to get this resolved as soon as possible.

If this does clear up, and you are taken to the right address, please let me know! 😀

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