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“Not only can many believers not understand the concept of religious allegory…the irony is that they also just cannot understand the concept of a rational argument

I guess I will never, NEVER understand how some religious people think. :-\

(raises hand slowly) Well, from what I see, religous ppl aren’t all the same. Some are merely brought up in it and it’s majorly peer pressure and they see it as family and often they will not turn their backs on family-or at least not that family. Thus they are hard headed and not going to listen to your logic any more then if you were to tell someone who loves their father very much what a horrible person he is or something to that effect. Still others who may not of been brought up so or at least not strictly who “find Jesus” might of had hard times or needed help, like getting over a drug problem or to stop beating their kids and family. So in that respect religion has done alot of good and so they give their loyalty. Others come to religion because they feel alone and much like any other group it just happens to be a group with many followers which makes it in that way/reason for being part of it, no different in their reason for joining any different then had they joined a group of nerds or jocks or fans of anything else. It’s about just being accepted. And of course there’s others who’ll use it to make themselves feel better over others, of course this happens regardless if you’re using religion or lack there of, as I found out this week, sadly :-/

So these are the reasons I’ve observed so far. Btw I’m the admin of the Atheist+Theist United movement blog too :-3 I try to be fair and tolerant (but if it’s within a certain special 3 weeks out of every 5, I =might= be a little shorter tempered then the other 2 weeks, hehe, gotta love being a woman)

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