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Video: Why the New Testament doesn’t condemn gay people

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Trailer: “A place at the table” (Theaters on March 1st, 2013!)


Years ago, a friend of mine who immigrated from Iraq told me that one of the biggest shocks in arriving wasn’t how people behaved, but the overabundance of choices, in of all places, a supermarket. The fact that she would be nearly paralyzed by the amount of choices made me appreciate the “super” in supermarket. The dark side to all those choices and why a nation should be ashamed is featured in the poverty documentary A Place at the Table.

Directed by Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson, A Place at the Table opens brilliantly, quickly tackling possible stereotypes by featuring Rosie, a white fifth grader in Colorado who has to depend on charity from friends and neighbors to have enough to eat. Not only does she have to deal with a growling tummy, but she has to deal with failing grades caused by that growling tummy. Her teacher, herself a part of the hunger cycle in the past, tries to help and has some success. The problem is we learn there’s millions of Rosies out there. How many? Try 1 in 4 American children.

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1) our President is a Prime Minister

2) our Prime Minister is a She

3) She is an Atheist

and we have had ‘Obamacare’ for like… ever

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Pledge of Allegience


Way to go, Obama.

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I just thought of something. If Jesus was born today…in Bethlehem, how accepting would Americans be of him? A 32-year-old man from Palestine who speaks Hebrew and tells you to give all your money to the poor?

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