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Video: The Most Annoying Woman on YouTube

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Orphan Abuse and Church Crimes in Quebec

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Arkansas Enacts Strictest Abortion Law In The Country

Arkansas Enacts Strictest Abortion Law In The Country

Arkansas has just enacted the most extreme abortion law in the country – barring abortion at 12 weeks.

Despite the Governor’s veto, both chambers of the legislature voted to override, making it illegal to have an abortion after 12 weeks – still in the first trimester and only shortly after most women will have learned they are pregnant. This ban is two months earlier than any other state in the country. And it comes soon after the legislature banned abortion after 20 weeks.

Certain politicians in Arkansas don’t seem to care that this law is unconstitutional. Nor do they care that this law strips women of their ability to make deeply personal reproductive health decisions.

The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision affirmed the right to a safe & legal abortion. However, opponents of abortion in Arkansas disregard this ruling in their effort to both remove the right that Roe affords women and to force the Supreme Court to reconsider the constitutionality of abortion. These bans in Arkansas are one more step in their strategy to make all abortions completely illegal.

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Vatican invited Cardinal Keith O’Brien to conclave despite knowledge of sexual allegations by Catholic priests

When news broke this week that Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, had been accused by four priests of sexual exploitation both his critics and supporters were instantly suspicious of the timing.

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Video: Church Abuse Victims Vs. Statute of Limitations

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News: Pope Benedict Sought Immunity for Sex Abuse Crimes Before Resigning

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February 20, 2013 · 10:15 pm