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Video: When Theocrats Have Power

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Irish ministers SpunOut over sex ed article on threesomes

Curiously, the most vocal segment of Irish society in matters of sex and sexuality are also usually the ones who would prefer if matters of sex and sexuality were never discussed, anywhere, ever.

How’s that for a bit of Irish irony?

It’s because, since the foundation of the state, Ireland has always done a bang up job of providing comprehensive sex education to it’s youth.

Choosing traditional teaching sites like tree huts, bike sheds, piers, abandoned council estates, quiet alleyways, changing rooms, porn on the internet, scout camps and all too often local sacristies, generations of Irish boys and girls have learned the facts of life from their informed elders in countless unexpected ways, occasionally involving non-consensual demonstrations.

Because when you don’t know the facts, its much harder to make informed choices about anything, isn’t it?

But don’t tell that to the nations most conservative parents and religious organizations, because they they can’t see any sign of failure at all.


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