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Update: Story Time!

Okay, so for all those following or just tuning in, I’d like to do something to help us to better understand each other and our ideologies and how we came to where we stand now. So I would like it if followers would take some time to write down and tell us their Ideological life’s journey, your stories will be posted/re-blogged ¬†onto this blog for everyone to read and to better understand the view points of others and that we are indeed (more or less) all human and all have lives, parents, family, friends and other people who contribute to who and what we are.

So here’s the basics:

  • Write about your religious/ideological life journey.
  • Feel free to add pictures, links, whatever.
  • It will be posted for all to see & read.

If you are interested in doing this, please choose to “like” this or simply add your story in comments if you wish and I’ll copy/paste it into a Post with a link to your profile or just your name (that you’d like to use) if you’d like.

Good luck, have fun and happy sharing!


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Update: Apology to all following Theists

I must say, I do apologize to the Theists who fallow me, for those who are unaware they’re a Theist, it means you’re religious, that you consider yourself Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or other religion of some sort-I apologize because I know I post alot of things that seem Anti-Religious, the reason being because sadly at this moment in time, there is alot of shit going on regarding certain religions. More so the Catholic church, though there is some on Zen Buddhists as well. I do apologize if I’ve offended anyone, the entire point of this organization is to bring us together, but in doing topics on Ideologies, I must report the news going on regarding it, and sadly not all of it is good. I am new to this leadership position in trying to lead/start this peaceful movement.

So in light of this, I would LOVE to hear the religious stories everyone has had in their life, or rather their Ideological Life Journey. Please feel free to write it up in either a reply comment here, or a submission on the Tumblr Blog, please indicate your current Ideology, I will go through the submissions and possibly choose some to post, they don’t need to be impressive, just post and be yourself, but tactful as possible.

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