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Story Entry: ERIN’S STORY (not mine) “Yet another reason I cannot be Catholic anymore.”

*Credit: Erin from Tumblr <<== Author

If you wish to contact this person, feel free to send her short Ask on her Tumblr page provided.

This is a story for the current event going on, asking followers and anyone to write about their personal experiences regarding ideology in their life. If you want to talk to this person, or any of the other stories that will be posted, please fallow the links provided.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


I was raised in the Catholic Church. My mom was Catholic and my dad converted to Catholicism way before I was ever born. My mom went to Catholic school, as did I, and I was baptized and raised in Church. I went to church every Sunday (it was church day followed by cleaning day) and I started at Catholic school in Kindergarten (I stayed in Catholic school until the start of 9th grade). I received all of the sacraments until 8th grade, and I went to youth group. In my Catholic school, we went to Mass on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and let’s not forget about the optional adoration. In 9th grade (in public school), I continued with weekly mass, continued with youth group, did prolife club, and continued to exude Catholicism.

In short, I was pretty Catholic for a good chunk of my life.

If you met me now, you’d know me as an atheist/agnostic/anti-Christ (I’m deist). You’d know me as one of the most pro-choice, pro-gay, liberal motherfuckers in school.

Why the stark switch?

Because for years during crucial development, I was told being gay was a sin. I was told that what I thought of other girls meant that the devil was part of me and I was to resist thoughts that I had very little control over. I was told that it was unnatural, that marriage was for procreation, that gays could never marry and should never be allowed to have kids. I was told to love the sinner, but hate the sin.
But what if the two are one in the same? I like girls, and I always have, and it’s a part of me. I can’t turn off who I like (though trust me, with the looming threat of eternal flames and god hating me, I’ve tried). In fact, in a time of struggle (middle school sucks for everyone), I was told to hate another major part of myself, as if I needed yet another reason to declare myself awful.

And honestly, the pedophile scandals pretty much make my skin crawl. The sheer thought of pedophilia within the Church makes me almost have a panic attack. With my history, the last thing I need is a church that tells me to hate a part of myself (as if I needed any more help with self-loathing) or a church that hides pedophiles (I think pedophiles get off pretty easily already).

So if you’re wondering, no, I do not hate all Catholics, but no, I will never be Catholic again, and if that means going to hell, it’s better than suffering here on earth. Who needs heaven anyway?

Posted on February 15th at 9:17 PM

*Credit: Erin from Tumblr <<== Author


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Update: Story Time!

Okay, so for all those following or just tuning in, I’d like to do something to help us to better understand each other and our ideologies and how we came to where we stand now. So I would like it if followers would take some time to write down and tell us their Ideological life’s journey, your stories will be posted/re-blogged  onto this blog for everyone to read and to better understand the view points of others and that we are indeed (more or less) all human and all have lives, parents, family, friends and other people who contribute to who and what we are.

So here’s the basics:

  • Write about your religious/ideological life journey.
  • Feel free to add pictures, links, whatever.
  • It will be posted for all to see & read.

If you are interested in doing this, please choose to “like” this or simply add your story in comments if you wish and I’ll copy/paste it into a Post with a link to your profile or just your name (that you’d like to use) if you’d like.

Good luck, have fun and happy sharing!


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